Friday, June 27, 2014

What's love got to do with it?

What a pair
Often when you finally meet some
one's better half, they're not quite
what you expected. At times our
perception of what type of person
another is paired with is quite off.
With the exception of truly close
friends, most of what we know of
someone is what we see. However
in reality, we are all highly complex
individuals with specific wants and
needs. Often what's best for us seems
"off" to others. To have a successful
relationship it must be all about you!
Two of a kind
Some of the best duos I've ever known
practiced the art of yin and yang to the
extreme. Many times outré personalities
live their lives with ultra conservative
partners. That's because one balances
the other and therefore in the end, both
win. The greatest mistake we all make
at some point in our lives is assuming
that we need to co habitat with someone
exactly like us. With few exceptions,
that's a formula for disaster. Two of a
kind tend to tussle for power whereas
opposites cuddle and compliment.
Odd isn't it?
After all, why share your life with
someone if you're not going to get
something more out of it? While
I'm confidant that I'm quite capable
of being me, who doesn't need some
extra help? What I need is a partner
who helps me to be a better me. One
who consoles, confides, cautions, and
congratulates as necessary. Frank is
my balance as he brings influences
to the partnership that make me an
even better person. My only hope is
that I do the same for him.
Greener acres
Yesterday we journeyed out into the
country for a birthday dinner al fresco.
There nestled in a sheltered coolie is
a quaint farm house with an amazing
view. "J" and "B" couldn't be more
different yet it's obvious that their
symbiotic combination works. That
type of connection is what most of us
crave and yet few achieve. I am not
suggesting that you all run away to a
ranch in the middle of no where. But
sometimes, what's best for you requires
that you stretch your limits.
It's all about you
In the end love is never about
what he does or where she lives.
It's about who they are. Forget
whatever your friends say and
do what's right for you! Start
your search somewhere new.
Explore places and people you
normally avoid. Think about
who would truly compliment
you. Can't cook? Consider a
chef. Always over balance?
Try an accountant. Remember,
TWO are stronger than one!