Thursday, June 12, 2014

But... I can't want to...

It can wait...
It's funny but often the things one
recalls most about children are the
bon mots made when they were tots.
My nephew made the statement
that entitles today's blog and truer
words were never spoken. Often I
simply "can't want to" do the things
I should and therefore defer what is
inevitable. Procrastination is not a
talent as little is easier than avoidance.
If only we could only live in a fantasy
forever. Sadly, reality looms off in the
wings... waiting to bitch slap you.
Deferred payment
They say there are two things that
can't be avoided, death and taxes.
While I've eluded demise, I did
"forget" to pay my taxes. As my
life and career crumbled, the last
thing I wanted was to organize
my receipts. So I didn't for four
years until the government found
me. While dealing with the IRS
was traumatizing, retribution was
actually quite empowering. Paying
my back taxes meant that I was
finally back among the living.
Peer pressure
You see, there's a reason we live
within a society. The simple act
of being part of something bigger
than all of us somehow validates
our existence. Sadly it seems that
once we get together, we rarely
agree. Hence the turmoil of any
group dynamic. Unless someone
steps up and takes control, the
resulting distention only isolates
and rarely unites. So why would
anyone sit around and wait for
somebody to save them?
Take your medicine
If I've learned anything during my
relatively short life span, it's to deal
with reality before it deals with you.
Burying something doesn't make it
go away. Secrets fester like mold.
While everything may look fine on
the outside, a hidden disaster awaits.
And yet, we all seem to have some
sort of DNA that encourages deferral
of anything unpleasant. When will
we all realize that a Brazilian wax
is preferable to plucking out your
errant follicles one by one?
Can't it wait?
No pain, no gain. The fact is we must
often suffer the consequences before
we reap the rewards. Going through
a hard time is anything but pleasant.
However usually in hindsight, said
travail was actually the best thing that
ever happened to us. Whenever you
consider asking "why me" I suggest
you consider shifting your orientation
to "why not". Fighting any force of
nature does nothing except exhaust.
Escaping reality only means that life's
tsunami is offshore gaining momentum.
Just do it
A bad marriage rarely gets better and
alimony only increases as the years
go on. A errant tot may grow up to
become a confirmed criminal. Plus
they often mature to be bigger and
stronger. Any deferred maintenance
means your investment will decay.
A dirty toilet only gets dirtier. That
mole could be cancerous. In the end
everything catches up with us. So
go ahead and confront whatever is
bothering you NOW and then move
along. Why are you waiting?!