Friday, April 11, 2014

Why would anybody follow me?!

Circle of love
This blog is a labor of love and
not a business. That said, I want
it to be successful. To date I've
built a league of loyal readers.
At first a circle of friends, now
my daily dosers are far beyond
that. Sadly all of the above is
not enough. The experts who
monitor blogs say that I have
too few followers to be viable.
Therefore nobody cares about
my montana roué ramblings.
Do you.. ahem... follow? 
Fruit of my labor
Part of me detests the concept of
followers. However in our digital
era this statistic indicates a solid
connection to your blog. So, I
repositioned my follower button
up to the top. Sadly even after it
was moved, few were moved.
I need your help in fueling the
growth of your favorite blog.
Big brother can't use the data
to steal your identify, No credit
card or social security number.
C'mon I'm waiting...  follow!
Ring my bell
Do statistics define who we are?
Character used to be a bellwether.
Now we're measured by facebook
friends. linkedin links, and google
followers. While I abhor the very
idea, that side is not my capitalist
side. Some day I hope to write a
book and if so, said statistics will
be more convincing than rhetoric.
Even in the archaic literary world
it seems that technology rules and
so even I must play by said rules.
I'll be fallow if you don't... follow!
Once bitten
The idea of my having followers
is a bit baffling. In my youth I was
bullied by boys who were boys.
The child of older parents, I had
few friends my age as I socialized
within their milieu. At school as
one of the smartest I spent my days
in isolation doing "special" projects.
Hence the hordes who tortured me
on my way home from school. As
an adult it still feels rather odd to
be followed rather than chased.
How did I become liked? Follow?
From here to there
It's been my privilege to lead large
teams in many companies. Long
ago I learned that if nothing else,
my job was to empower. The best
way to get the best out of someone
is validation. It's your job to show
me where you want to go. My job
is to orchestrate your journey and
if needed, a course adjustment. I'm
really just a glorified facilitator who
uses every trick to charm, cajole,
and educate. You see my team takes
me to new places and I... follow.
Signs of the times
In our individualist society, few
seem to want to follow. Yet in
the end most of us are lambs. We
eschew cookie cutter chains but
stop at Starbucks every morning.
We grouse about what's going on
(or not) in Washington, however
few do anything about it. We've
forgotten that each of us can make
a difference and that actually our
vote really does matter. Hmm...
are you with me... do you finally
get the connection... follow?