Friday, April 25, 2014


Time tested
In case you didn't already know it,
I am not the most patient of men.
Waiting is not my preferable mode
of operation. Instead I like to make
a decision, implement a plan, and
complete whatever the task as soon
as viable. On the other hand, some
of us love a slow, lingering build
up that ends in the fulfillment of
some long held dream. Baloney!
Why wait? I want it now and while
you're at it, step on it. Is there any
benefit to deferring satisfaction?
Blow out
Frank's family loves to defer the joy
as much as possible, especially on
birthdays. Therefore one must wait
all day until everyone gathers to dine.
After a celebratory cocktail, we sit
down to what is always a wonderful
repast. Then out comes the cake and
a requisite serenade before blowing
out the candles. Then finally, we all
adjourn to the living room and who
ever has aged a year, gets to finally
open their presents. While they may
think that's special, I want it now!
Closet case
I'm the kind of a guy who shops a day
or two before Christmas. Who wants
to start checking off your list in August?
I know exactly what I want and when
I want to buy it. Given I can't remember
my phone number how can I coordinate
a closet full of goodies?. With my luck
I'll spend double and be stuck with a pile
of presents past that must be hidden for
another year only to be forgotten once
again. If you've ever wondered about all
of those thirty year old unused items at
garage sales... this is where they grow.
Ready... set...
Ethel loved to entertain and carefully
planned each soiree weeks in advance.
The buildup prior to the evening was
often even more exciting than the night
itself. At the appointed time, after all
was prepared, Mother would exit her
boudoir dressed to the nines. Quickly
she would light the candles, inspect the
table, rearrange the sofa pillows, then
sit in her regalia awaiting her guests.
All as I sat freshly bathed in jammies
and robe ready to hide as soon as the
door bell rang. What a thrill it was!
Come and get it
Some things are worth the wait and
if I'm honest, on occasion I actually
enjoy the waiting game. One of my
favorite ways to cook is braising.
Not only is it easy, I somehow find
it oddly rewarding. Waiting hours as
lamb shanks, pork shoulder, or short
ribs slow cook truly defines the joy
of anticipation. As the fragrant scent
of cooking protein wafts through the
house, all know that soon a savory
repast will be ready to dish out. No
wonder it's called comfort food!
Far out!
Over the past several years, we've
commuted between rural Montana
and whatever city my job required.
Each summer, Frank resided in
Lewistown full time. While I truly
loved indulging my dear partner,
I missed him. "Absence makes the
heart grow fonder" is truly defined
by a few weeks away from your
better half. We made sure that we
saw each other every 3-4 weeks.
And trust me, the anticipation of
a reunion NEVER disappointed!
Ready for my closeup
As we prepare to live full time in
Lewistown Montana, the reality
of "next" looms large. Ready to
be a true home, The Passion Pit
is no longer a layover from a life
of "commuting." The fact that
I'm about to exit the daily grind
defines ANTICIPATION. What
will I do all day out there in Big
Sky Country? Could this urbane
bon vivant suddenly transform
into a rough and ready cowboy?
Stranger things have happened...