Thursday, April 24, 2014

Drum roll please...

The party's over...
It's time that I shared some news. As
you may know, my company was sold.
On April 7th the shareholders voted to
support the transaction and quickly
thereafter the new owners arrived en
masse. While many had met with them
prior to closing, few knew the details of
their plans for reorganization. Slowly
over the last days they've unveiled their
vision and frankly, it's quite exciting.
All will be good for those who remain.
However after much thought and some
discussion, I will not be one of them.
Put on a happy face
So, what does all this really mean?
Simply that after a little over a year
back in Manhattan, it's time for us
to return home to Montana and...
While I love adore this city and all
that comes with it, I've longed for
Lewistown every day we've been
here. Restoring the our new home
long distance has been frustrating.
Not because our team isn't doing a
fantastic job, but rather because we
have missed out on all the FUN!
Riding high
Timing is everything. Happily the
Passion Pit will be move in ready by
the time I arrive in Lewistown next
week. That means I will wind things
down in Manhattan  by April 30th.
A bittersweet experience, we've many
wonderful friends here and obviously
adore the accoutrements of urban life.
However our hearts are in Montana
and this city boy is ready to become
a cowboy. While horses terrify me
(long story told later) I'm ready to
saddle up and head west. YEE HAW!
Pack n' ship
Fortunately we rented a beautifully
furnished apartment here. So, we
won't have to pack much more than
the clothes off our backs. Well...
maybe a tad more. Of course I've
accumulated a collection of china
while here in Nieuw Amsterdam.
It's a melange of persimmon and
gold that I quite adore. Rather than
hire a mover, I'm traveling back and
forth to the UPS store to ship all of
my goodies. Soon my china from
three homes will be one in Montana!
Home on the range
As we kiss, hug, and sup with those
we love prior to our exit, some tears
will be shed. However our door is
open in Lewistown, Montana. Yes,
the airport is two hours away (as is
the Walmart). However we're quite
civilized. We've lovely restaurants,
shops, and lots to see and do while
you're there. Of course it's fabulous!
Otherwise why would this urbanite
give up Bergdorfs and Barney's for
a town of about six thousand in the
middle of no where?! TRUE LOVE!