Sunday, November 24, 2013

7th Day Surprise - ONE YEAR!

Over 31.5 million seconds later
Exactly 365 days ago, I sat at my dining
room table and decided to start a blog.
Frankly I had no idea what I was going
to say. Nor any inkling that I would do
it every day for an entire year. What's
most amazing is how much has changed
in twelve months. While occasionally
challenging, it's been a very good year.
Made all the better by my catharsis of
writing this daily missive.
The greatest story ever told
Given that everybody else has already
spoken or written about Ron Johnson
and J.C.Penney, it's best for me to say
as little as possible. In the end all that
I can tell you is that mania, delusion,
collusion, stress, politics, and change
for change sake almost killed me.
After four years I gladly walked away
from a team who I adored, peers who
I respected, and a brand that I had
come to love. I thank God that I lived
to tell the tale and view the sad end
from the safety of the sidelines.
Greggie did Dallas
Beyond the terrace at The
Mansion on Turtle Creek,
there is little I miss about
the Lone Star state. We
had a lovely home there.
But after furnishing it there
was little I could do except
set the table and host dinner
parties. I never felt the place
had a soul. Purgatory with
palm trees! One thing I know -
while I may miss my friends,
I do NOT miss Dallas.
Home Alone
For almost five months I didn't have
to go to the office. While I enjoyed
the sheer bliss being with my honey
24/7, my beloved did not share my
fervor. I have absolutely no doubt
that he loves me. However, after a
few weeks at home he informed me
that if our daytime intimacy went on
much longer, I would have to rent an
off site office. You see, after eighteen
years together he still savors spending
part of his day apart! I guess absence
does make the heart grow fonder!

Montana Mania
Most of my time off was spent in
Lewistown and nothing could be
better! My sojourn confirmed that
while it's isolated and somewhat
provincial, it is HOME. Everything
about the place makes me happy.
From our historic downtown, to
the mountains, to the people we
interact with every day. I feel
safe, comfortable, and fulfilled.
Many spend their lives searching
for just that and I can't wait to
retire in Montana full time.

On the road again
Frank and I safely survived a few road trips during my time off. While we certainly saw some parts of the country that I doubt we'll ever visit again, we learned our lesson. NEVER travel far during the winter months. Especially over mountain ranges at high elevations. You see, there's this thing called snow which is often accompanied by ice. In the end we made it home unscathed. However the emotional wounds may never heal. Kidding!
Pit Stop
Late last year we finally found the perfect home a few blocks away from Frank's parents. After taking possession on February 1st we started an aggressive restoration. Fortunately we retained the best
in town to transform our new home. Who knew most of that work would be done while we were thousands of miles away?
It's for you...
When the phone started ringing,
I wasn't ready to go back to work.
Suffering from an executive form
of post traumatic stress syndrome,
I resisted answering all calls. Yet
ultimately, opportunities and an
offer I couldn't refuse came our
way. Location, location, location!
Plus the chance to work with a
group of leaders I respect. YES!
GC go home
If anybody had told me a year
ago that we'd be back in the Big
Apple I would have laughed at
them. While this is my comfort
zone, I'd decided to never leave
Montana again. Being back east
is more than natural. Words like
warm my heart. It doesn't matter
where I live as long as Frank is
along for the ride. He's more than
happy going to the theater every
evening. So on with the show!
Straight shooter
This year Frank and I celebrated
eighteen years together. You're
probably sick of my relationship
rhapsody. The truth is, it's great!
Nobody cares as much about me
nor is able to serve up a dose of
reality when I need it. Ready,
aim, fire straight to the heart!
Daily grind
To date almost 100,000 have read this
blog. Oddly I seem to have quite a fan
base in Moldovia?! What I cherish most
are the kind words of encouragement I
receive from my readers. Nothing makes
me happier than to know that you look
forward reading roue with your morning
coffee, afternoon tea, or evening drink.
My hope is that I always entertain and
occasionally inspire. Thanks so much!