Saturday, November 9, 2013

The season of our discontent

Same time, next year
In the Big Apple we seem to do everything
BIG. After a sleepy summer, the city has
reawakened with the Fall Season. All of
a sudden one's dance card is packed with
back-to-back commitments. As of tonight,
I will have been out on the town for seven
nights in a row. This frenzy of festivities
shows no point of subsiding until after
the holidays. Frankly, I'm exhausted and
can't wait for it to all be over!

Been there, done that
On Monday then again on Wednesday,
I attended events at Cipriani on 42nd.
We all know that I'm a creature of habit.
That said, while I enjoy the former
Bowery Savings space, I hardly relish
the idea of consuming the same entree
twice in one week. Let alone being
seated at a table with the same cohorts.
Even the most alluring turns tedious.
Why can't I just stay at home?

Movers and Shakers
I'll admit that it's fun rubbing elbows
with the hoi polloi. So far I've dined
(in the same room that is) with
Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer,
Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta,
Diane Von Furstenburg, Ellen Barkin,
and Miss America. And that was just
one evening out on the town. We're
all forced to eat rubber chicken and
hopefully not write rubber checks.

Out of towners 
It seems that all the people that I adore
visit our fair city during November.
I'm old enough to have many dear,
dear friends. However at my age I'm
much too old to entertain an endless
army of visitors. Yes, I want to see
each and every one of you. However,
why can't you plan together in order
to stagger your journeys? Otherwise
I simply can't be the kind of host that
I want to be. With almost every day
booked for breakfast, lunch, tea, and
dinner... I'm afraid that I'll die trying!

Down & Outers
This city is overflowing with
tourists. Like biblical locusts
in Moses' Egypt they have
descended in swarms. Slow,
wandering arm in arm, sticky
lollipop swarms that is. Yes,
they continue to dress like slobs.
Much worse, they now travel
as families with strollers in tow.
Honestly, can't they change their
tot's diapers in Iowa rather than
Bergdorf's rest room? There's a
proper place for everything!

Home sweet home
Looking at my calendar, it seems
that we have nothing planned on
Sunday evening. I don't know
about my better half but I plan to
park myself on the sofa, periodically
take a snooze, and watch some bad
movies in my PJ's. I figure that I've
earned the right to be a stay at home
for at least one night this month.
Fortunately we leave for Montana
soon. However... I'm afraid that we're
booked almost every night through
Thanksgiving. Same drill, new town!