Monday, November 18, 2013

All the white stuff

Upon arrival into Lewistown late
Saturday, I was greeted by a small
yet lovely snow storm. I awoke the
following morning to find the entire
area covered by a dusting of white
powder. Made all the more special
by the light of a gigantic full moon
still glowing above. This first snow
fall was a sign that winter is about
to descend upon us in full force.
I adore extremes and diversity, most
especially when it comes to weather.
How can one escape winter if they do
not experience it? All the things that
make winter miserable are also magical.
Think about sunlight hitting icicles on
a winter morning. Or a fairyland forest
of tree branches coated in fluffy snow.
I cherish nothing more than a newly
fallen blanket of frozen precipitation.
Somehow Winter has become a bad thing.
Since the advent of air conditioning, resort
towns once considered only suitable for a
winter sojourn are now mega cities. As we
flee our northern burgs, popular opinion is
shifting towards warm versus cold. While
I certainly enjoy Montecito, what could be
more boring than sunny low seventies day
after day after day all year long? Think of
the charm a dusting of snow would add!
Without the cold, suddenly fires are
decorative rather than comforting.
Nothing amused more than Dallas
denizens running gas fireplaces in
the midst of a one hundred degree
summer. While the purpose was to
add an aura of cozy charm, I often
needed to cozy up to the hearth
given Texans set their thermostats
at sixty. All of that was masterful
slight of hand. As shallow as the
styrofoam stuccoed cladding on
those Highland Park McMansions.
I prefer the real stuff. Compare faux to
a crackling, roaring fire that warms the
heart. Even better, sniff the scent of a
wood burning fire as you take a stroll
on a winter night. Or savor the subtle
light cast by moonlight across sparkling
snow. All are as alluring as a tropical
sunset. Of course I'll visit a warm locale
this winter. However I'll enjoy it all the
more after having lived in a deep freeze.
Certainly winter is messy, especially
in Manhattan. Slush and ice are not
pleasant especially when trying to
cross Fifth and 57th in a new pair
of Manolos. It's easy to fashionably
battle the elements. One simply has
to embrace the reality of the season
and celebrate in a flurry of fur! Is
there anything sexier than a perfect
pair of boots worn with panache?
Or nothing chicer than hailing a cab
wearing a perfect pair of gloves?!
Winter is luxurious. Layer it on!
At this point you've figured out that
I appreciate winter. More than just a
flurry of affection for snow, I savor
the ability to hide my middle aged
frame under luxurious layers. But I
must confess that my passion for all
things chilly is driven by more primal
urges. Like other furry beasts, I love
to hibernate at home all winter while
a pot of soup bubbles on the burner.
You may not see me until Easter!