Friday, November 22, 2013

Finally, the up and up

Pack it up
Thanksgiving is days away and
I'm fretting about my setting.
While in Dallas I accumulated a
bit of fluffery which has been
sitting in boxes since February.
While much progress has been
made at our new abode, we're
not unpacking anytime soon.

Set it up
That means I must make do with
the forty odd patterns that I have
here in our condo. Don't laugh,
my missing bits are like beloved
children. They're off at boarding
school and can't come home for
the holidays. I surely will miss
them but somehow I'll carry on!

Dish it up
Even with some "family" absent,
I consider any excuse to lay my
board with finery fine with me!
I'm thinking brown and blue. This
holiday needs a new combination
rather than traditional autumn hues.
I love to mix and match. That alone
is more than enough justification
for the quantity of accoutrements
that I require to properly entertain.

Give it up
Last weekend we wandered into
my favorite consignment shop in
New Canaan. As we strolled in,
the most amazing Cauldon salad
set in gorgeous greens beckoned
from the far back wall. As I stood
and hyperventilated, both Frank
and "T" looked at me with utter
disgust. Their disdain aside, why
should I care? The thrill I still get
from tableware feels so good that
damn all of you, just let me play
with my dishes in happiness!

Clean it up
The majority of my collection is
antique. Therefore it requires a
gentle hand wash. I'm sure that
most abhor the idea of carefully
bathing their porcelain, I actually
enjoy it. Given my compulsion,
each and every piece is treasured.
Therefore gently caring for all of
my beloved is a pleasure. And like
every good parent, I make sure
they are carefully returned to their
home safe, sound, and shining.
Nothing is too good for my babies!
Pack it up
If I'm truly honest, once my collection
is collected in one spot, I'll have just
about everything that I ever wanted.
I'll continue to gather bits and pieces.
However they will simply augment my
already august assemblage. While the
Passion Pit is big, it's not that big. So
it's time to stop and leave some pretty
things out there for others to own. It
only seems right. DISHES FOR ALL!