Friday, November 8, 2013

All in a day's work...

Who's the boss?
The majority of us work for somebody
and may have others that work for us.
Whether surf or toff, maintaining the
proper balance is the key to success.
It's a two way street and the happier
both sides are, the more productive!
I live and manage by the golden rule
and find that most of us simply want
to be treated with respect.
I find it rather sad that the higher one
rises up the corporate food chain, the
bigger their ego. Sadly any connection
to reality also seems vaporize. The best
bosses I've ever had were people who'd
been there, done that. They felt that their
job was to insure my success and gave
me a vision of what I could be. Rather
than belittle their team, they empowered.
Together, we were stronger than one.

Somebody has to get the work done
and sadly it seems that today most
are unwilling to sweat it out. There's
no greater achievement than a job
well done. Physical labor manifests
itself in concrete accomplishments
whereas intellectual pursuits are often
theoretical exercises at best. Architects
design houses and carpenters build
them. One cannot succeed without the
other. The sum is better than the parts.
We all have to eat. However few of us
New Yorkers cook. With over 7,000
restaurants, at least 150,000 people
work hard to make sure you don't go
hungry. When entertaining at home,
most hire a caterer rather than do it
themselves. On that special night all
you have to do is host as the hired
help greet, tend bar, dish it out, and
clean it up. What could be tastier than
an out of work actor serving you a
Manhattan in Manhattan? This cocktail
when mixed properly, benefits all.
Everybody has a job to do. When you
live in a full service building it's easy
to let your concierge handle everything.
Living in this dirty city requires a quite
thorough cleaning of our pied a terre.
To date I've never met the kind devils
who clean up my mess. Mysteriously
they work their magic while I'm at work
and later my card is charged. All of us
are helped by that man who sits at the
front desk... welcome to civilization!

My right hand "T" and I have what
is best called an open relationship.
There is nothing she can't or won't
tell me and vice-a-versa. The other
day I asked her what kind of a boss
I was. Miraculously she said all was
good. Maybe that's because we are
a team of equals (even if she does
get me coffee!) "T's" commitment
proves that two are better than one.
The truth is we can't live without
each other. There is power in the
collective whole. The amalgam of
our labor is what makes the world
hum. Unless we each do our part,
nothing will ever happen. If we're
all in this together, why not treat
those who help make your world
better... better? When somebody
does a great job, thank them. After
all, without the garbage man our
lives would surely stink. We need
"them" more than they need us.
So if you can, manage to be nice.