Saturday, November 16, 2013

On the road again...

Way out west
As this entry is posted, I'll be well
on my way home to Lewistown.
It's been two months and ten days
since I was last there. Given the
mania of this fall season, I was
totally over Manhattan. Happily
my social survival mechanism
kicked in. From thereon I have
plotted and planned, as my angst
and anticipation slowly built up.
The result is a lengthy checklist
for my time out west. Giddy up
pardner... let's get HOME!
A wing and a prayer
Getting to paradise ain't easy. With
two connections plus a two hour
drive, my hope is that the weather
will behave. However after years
of traveling to/from my rural home,
I'm ready for just about any delay.
If that's the price one has to pay for
happiness then it's well worth it. If
Lewistown wasn't so hard to get to,
it wouldn't be as special. So I'm
ready to relax and go with the flow.
Remind me of my mellow intentions
when I call you from the airport!
Big Sky
After being surrounded by over 1.6 million people everyday, I'm going to enjoy the wide open spaces of Montana. At just under six thousand residents, there will still be plenty of people to see. However when I look out of my window all I'll see are my beloved mountains. There's a slight chance there will be snow on the ground but given the weather has been close to Manhattan's it's doubtful. All I really want to do is nothing... blissfully nothing.
Hugs & Kisses
I can't wait to see Frank's family,
especially Mom and Dad. There's
a big event that's about to occur.
Whoever thought Pearl would be
thirty six?! Everyone will gather
for Thanksgiving at our condo.
It's kitchen is currently the only
one operating in the family. You
see, we all decided to renovate
our kitchens at the same time!
Hopefully our efforts to boost the
economy will give our contractors
reason to be thankful this year.

Home Sweet Home
The Passion Pit is progressing nicely
as indicated by the weekly photos the
team sends. The majority of the trim
and finish work is now complete. The
painters are finishing what they can.
Kitchen and guest bath tile is up and
soon the master bath will be started.
Our goal was to be in the house by
Christmas. However there are some
big projects still to be completed
including restoration of the staircase
plus Living Room floor and ceiling.
We're coming into the home stretch!