Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lewistown, heal thyself!

Terminally ill?
Every time I return to Lewistown
I'm amazed at how undiscovered
it is. Our mountains, terrain, and
historic architecture are unique.
Sadly, many residents don't seem
to agree. Since my return all that
I've heard are constant complaints.
Given few have lived elsewhere,
how do they know that the grass
is truly greener far away?
Doctor's Orders 
A dear member of our family fell ill this week.
Fortunately we have a great hospital in town.
Quickly the Central Montana Medical Center
team diagnosed and treated our loved one's ills.
While worried about their health, we did not
worry about the care they were receiving.
Negative Diagnosis
Word travels quickly in a small town.
We ran into a concerned local who
queried us about the patient's status.
When informed their treatment was
at our local hospital, her immediate
reaction was "Shouldn't you move
them someplace better?" When we
affirmed that the local care was quite
good she replied "Good luck, they
can take too long to figure things out".
Positive Prognosis
With a local legacy of quality medical
care, I find that sort of negative vibe
beyond upsetting. I haven't read of
any malpractice scandals or botched
surgeries in the paper. As an outsider
what I experienced was an impeccably
clean and modern hospital, staffed by
caring doctors and nurses. Within a
short time all ills were diagnosed and
a proper treatment initiated. WOW!
Proven Treatment
Why should we be surprised? In
1903 nuns founded St. Joseph's
hospital. Soon a magnificent cut
stone building was erected. Our
condo is located on it's fourth
floor. The operating room (left)
is now our lovely living room!
Personal Prescription
Frank's Mother studied nursing in Lewistown. Upon graduating
she worked as a surgical nurse
in our living room. Later on she
met a wounded soldier who had
recently returned from overseas.
Shortly thereafter they married
and soon Frank Junior was born.
As a private nurse, Mom cared
for locals for many years.
Home Health Care
Living in Manhattan should mean
access to the best medical care in
the country. However I fear ever
getting seriously ill in New York
versus Montana. Big is not always
better. The best treatment is being
cared for by vigilant professionals.
In my experience that's what you
get in Lewistown and sadly in few
other places. Why travel when ill?