Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Fall Must Haves
Well, autumn is in full force here
in Nieuw Amsterdam. After an
almost tropical October, the cold
November wind is a blowing!
Fortunately, as the leaves fade,
the accoutrements of fall fashion
suddenly appear. Everyone is
laden with extra bits and pieces
to guard against the cold. Here
is a list of necessities necessary
for survival. Don't be afraid to
brave the great outdoors. In
order to stay warm, layer it on!
A gentleman I know quite well has an
affinity for neckwear. Somehow swirls
of fabric around his neck suits him
perfectly. I on the other hand struggle
with wearing a scarf. I simply don't like
something clinging to my throat (except
the man mentioned above). A friend
suffers from a similar affliction and has
a theory that this is because she was
strangled in a former life. Reminiscences
of reincarnation aside, one could get
choked up with the fact that a phobia
impacts their ability to be fashionable!
On the other hand, I love elegant
gloves. Throughout life I've owned
some doozies, my favorite being a
pair of tan suede pigskin lined in
cashmere. I purchased them in a
glove shop near the Spanish Steps
many years ago. I still cherish the
memory of that transaction. Sadly
I also cherish my glove collection,
however I have a propensity to
lose them. Hence my hidden (yet
treasured) collection of "orphans".
Hmm... thinking Michael Jackson?
I absolutely adore outerwear. In defense
of my frequent external indulgences, a
good coat will last forever. In the late
eighties I purchased a fabulous Ferre
overcoat at Neiman Marcus in Chicago.
Crafted of chestnut brown mohair, it's
dropped shoulders were the ultimate
fashion statement. Years later that coat
still hangs in the front hall closet of our
Montana abode. I try to wear it at least
once or twice every winter. Not only is
it warm, the memories of times past still
warm my heart. Money well spent!
While I certainly appreciate PETA
passion, I've never met a live mink
that I truly liked. That said, in my
opinion there is no better cure for
what chills you than a proper pelt.
My Aunt "Yo Yil" had a gorgeous
sable that I fondly recall snuggling
up to in church. The sensory joy
of russian sable and her french
parfum always transported me to
a higher plain. To this day I think
there is nothing more elegant than
an elegant woman covered in fur!
While I loathe live minks, I've been
known to adore old goats. Have you
ever seen cuter critters? The best
thing about our tiny friends is their
wool, cashmere. I must digress...
sometime remind me to tell you the
Ethel story involving a cashmere
sweater and a box of corn flakes.
Soft, warm, lightweight cashmere
used to be expensive. Then along
came Uniqlo. Now while still special,
one can own one in every color for
only $89.90. THAT warms my heart!