Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What have they done?!

After hours
Frank and I just spent a couple of
hours at The Passion Pit with the
team. No pictures yet, I'm waiting
until the end of next week prior to
my return to New York to capture
the progress. The house is a flurry
of activity. Because we're restoring
rather than simply renovating, it
may seem to some that nothing is
happening. Trust me we're busy!
Past Perfect
This is a restoration. After over
a year of investment, it should
appear almost exactly as it did
in 1918. It's all in the details.
Six of us took almost an hour
to decide how to trim the Master
Bath medicine cabinet! Frank's
brother "B" and team are doing
an amazing job on the tile work.
Meanwhile Mike, Tahan, and
Bill have done a spectacular job
restoring and installing finish
work throughout the house.
Finishing touches
Repairs have been made to what
original plaster is left throughout
the house. When feasible, we've
skim coated the "bumpy" finish,
the result is spectacular. We're
learning to highly value both the craftsmanship and expertise of
our experts! All of the restored
and refinished inlaid mahogany
doors are being reinstalled. They
are spectacular! In addition, all
trim work is being painted white
as it was originally. Thanks team!
Progress report
The Passion Pit should be move-in
ready by February. That's exactly
one year since we took possession.
After spring arrives, we'll tackle the
exterior. Our front entrance will be
restored and the "cottage" returned
to it's original purpose as a garage.
Finally, a new coat of paint should
transform the ugliest house into a
showcase. Then on to landscaping!