Saturday, November 2, 2013

The perfect cure for what ails you

The other day I asked one of
my colleagues what she did
over the weekend. With a
wistful far away look in her
eyes she responded "nothing."
While that may not sound all
that glamorous, there is just
about nothing more decadent
than a day spent blissfully at
home. Allowing oneself a
reprieve from the long list of
mundane tasks that awaits is
truly the ultimate luxury.
If for no other reason than it just
feels good, laying around the
house in your "jammies" seems
almost as relaxing as a trip in the
Caribbean. While at times it may
feel a little messy, the fact that
not being dressed to impress
gives one license to act like it's
a sick day. Go ahead and call
off any and all commitments!
After a wild work week who
doesn't need to recuperate from
life's reality!? You deserve it!
What's most special about a lazy
Saturday is that you get to enjoy
those moments normally hidden
in the frenzy of office activities.
The things one overlooks now
bloom in brilliant technicolor.
Suddenly one can appreciate
the light cast by a morning sun.
Simply sitting with your coffee
for as long as you like can be as
decadent than a spree at Saks.
And little is as priceless as the
glow of a sunset in one's abode.
After a hard day at home, I savor nothing more than a repast chez moi. One can't quite explain why, but a day of doing nothing works up quite an appetite. Whether one feasts on left overs or cooks up a storm, everything seems to taste better. Satisfying one's appetite for solitude seems to satiate the need to socialize. After a crazed week at the office, all I crave is to do absolutely nothing. So... go ahead. Why not lock the door and take a staycation!