Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I simply want to be liked

Most popular?
Right or wrong we all want to be liked.
The need for acceptance drives most of
us to charm, cajole, and cater to those
around us. While that's certainly not my
motivation for writing Montanaroue,
it is important to me that my readers
enjoy this blog. Many do. As of today,
blog readership hovers around 300-500
daily. Who knew that many poor souls
would ever be interested in what I'm
interested in? While gratifying, quite
flattering and beyond wonderful,
Pick me please...
Everyday I read over fifty blogs.
Like many others, I look forward
to several with the fervor of an
addict. These bloggers are part
of my life and I daily savor their
inspiration, and entertainment.
Yet others are not as consistently
inspiring so I often don't even
open them. What causes me to
pause is that the weaker blogs
often have MEGA followings.
Why do the masses prefer their
mediocrity to my roue jocularity?
Too much of a good thing?
All of this leads me to want more...
readers, comments, followers, and
more, more, more! Frankly none of
the above is going to fundamentally
change the content of Montanaroue.
Or... should it? After almost a year
of daily ramblings, am I tiresome?
Could it be that I'm not relevant?
Has this blog become the one you
rarely open and quickly discard?
If so, please tell me as there are
many other things I could all be
doing everyday besides blogging!
Secrets revealed.
Originally this blog had one purpose.
To provide a cathartic venue for a man
in transition. Since it's inception my
life has shifted from dull Dallas to
rural Montana to urban Manhattan.
My readers have followed me along
the way and have shared my ever
changing perception of my reality.
I've tried to craft entertainment out
of fact not fiction (unless the truth
was obtusely shrouded within a fable).
My heart has been an open book.
My memories are now yours to share.
Don't ask, TELL!
My readers have been more than
amazing. Your encouragement,
support, treats (yes, goodies) and
overall good will have meant the
world to me. You've already given
me more than I can thank you for.
Well, there is something I need you
Please feel free to forward, promote,
pass along, share, google, g-mail,
whore me around town. While roué
may never become a mega blog.
I do want it to be "popular".
Pathetic but true... 
In the end this missive is a blatant
request to increase blog readership.
Beyond being greedy, I want more
people to be able to enjoy what all
of you seem to enjoy. My pandering
may be driven by a gigantic ego or
performance anxiety. Whatever the
cause, I just want to be popular. So
please... use me. Flagrantly hook up www.montanaroue.com with your
friends, family, enemies, ex spouses,
and anybody else you can think of.