Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just the two of us

When will it end?
I have to be honest with you, the last weeks have been exhausting. The constant flurry of evenings out have just about put me over the edge. What's even harder is that some dear friends have been lost in the shuffle. Beyond waving at them across a crowded ballroom, there's little else to do until after the holidays! Plus many out of towners are visiting however they're already fully booked before they arrive. There simply aren't enough luncheon or drink slots available for a quick hug!
My one and only
In the end all of the mania reminds one of what's most important. For me that's my better half. You see, he "completes" me. When together, it doesn't matter what we do as long as we are doing it together. At times I must admit that I find it all rather odd. How can two individuals be so perfectly suited for each other? More important, when two become one the combination is much, much better! It's not as if we agree on everything. And yet... in the silence of our moments together, all is good.
Dynamic Duo
Somewhere along the way Mother Nature decided that two were better than one. I was blessed to have had parents who proved that point every day. Married sixty eight years, Howard ultimately succumbed to Alzheimer's. As he faded away, Ethel sat next to him all day long holding his hand. His mind gone, blind, and dumb, she knew that somehow he knew she was there. Their connection was almost spiritual in nature. After Dad finally left her, Mother only lasted ten months more.
Perfect combination
Frank's parents continue to amaze.
In their nineties they are still a quite
elegant pair. Beloved by their family
and community they continue to keep
active and independent. In my opinion
that's because they are a team, each
helping the other to navigate all of the
challenges that advanced age brings.
All you have to do is see how they
look at each other to know that their
love is stronger than ever. Together
they are living examples of what true
love and partnership is all about.
Work in progress
While Frank and I are not quite there
yet, everyday we get closer as our love
grows deeper, our lives interconnected
in a way that honestly can no longer be
separated. Even if we tried, I doubt one
could survive without the other. What's
most important is nurturing what we
have together. Starting Saturday, we're
in Montana for two weeks. While we'll
be focused on the Passion Pit, Holiday,
and a special birthday, I'm going to
make sure we spend as much time as
possible ALONE... but TOGETHER!