Monday, September 30, 2013

The color of money

Green with envy
For whatever reason I've recently become
consumed with all things green. Actually
I don't adore all green tones, but those of
the deep variety. From emerald to hunter
to malachite to magnolia leaf, suddenly
I've become gaga for anything veridian.
Maybe it's our New York abode which is
primarily green tones.? Or it could be due
to the fact that  "Emerald" is one of the key
tones for fall? Who cares why. I've simply
decided that my outlook will be verdant.
The Emerald City
Years ago I went through a green
period. Marshall Field's color was
a deep green and generations of
Chicagoans carried it's signature
green shopping bags. In the early
eighties, Field's new owners briefly
changed the bags to brown. A riot
ensued and the beloved totes were
quickly returned to their rightful
hue. During my tenure we did our
best to own that tone of green!

Mr. Green Jeans
My favorite garment of the moment
is a boiled wool Barena Venezia
blazer in a deep bottle green. While
the color makes a statement, it is
actually as versatile as any neutral.
I must resist any desire to wear it
head to toe. Otherwise a gentleman
of my girth could quickly resemble
the green giant or a tall leprechaun.
Jewel box
Emeralds aside, the ultimate green stone is malachite. While I've aborted my malachite ceiling in our Montana  Powder Room, I'm still consumed with the stuff. Prior to any auction or shopping jaunt, my buddy "C.A."  sets the rules "if it's malachite, it's mine"!
A new leaf
You knew that my personal
passion would be impacted
by my compulsion with all
things vert. I recently added
the twelfth to my Wedgwood
majolica plates. Along the way
I "discovered" several other
green patterns plus twelve
William Yeoward Myrtle goblets
in you guessed it... Emerald!
The green room
Look out the window and what do you
see? GREEN! If green was good enough
for Mother Nature, why shouldn't we all
surround ourselves with her favorite
hue? In 1946 Billy Baldwin became quite
famous after he lacquered his drawing
room in Amster Yard "Magnolia Leaf".
Soon everyone had to have a salon vert
and as with all things fabulous this jewel
tone later fell from favor. Once again it
seems that if it's good for one to eat their
greens, it must be equally beneficial to
decorate and wear them! Let's embrace
emerald and paint the town green!