Monday, September 9, 2013

Pardon my french...


Mistaken Identity
I've decided we need to rethink
our new home moniker. While
initially the reference to a Tom
Hanks flick charmed, quickly
the terminology was adopted by
all. Given we adore our new
abode, it's time to think positive!
Change of address
After all, there's little we're more
devoted to (beyond each other)
than this house. Both money
and passion are often linked
together as matters of the heart.
It's time we properly named our
beloved 1917 manse. From now
on, our new home is officially...
Slowly but surely
Initially the transformation was
quite dramatic. However once the
gut was done, the plumbing and
wiring complete, and the sheet rock
finally up, everything seemed to
grind to a halt. Actually the team
has been quite busy since my last
visit. Approximately half of the
floors throughout the house are
sanded and refinished. This is
the South Guest Sitting Room
floor. The question is should we
repaint those sunny yellow walls?
Open a new window
Since my last visit, all of the new windows are now fully trimmed on the exterior. I must say that it truly is quite a transformation! We've decided to wait until next spring to paint the house. While
I extend my apologies to our neighbors, this delay will enable Team PP (Passion Pit) to focus on the interior work! We hope to still move in this year! I want to host Christmas Eve in my new dining room!
Fit and trim
Team PP are now working on interior finishing like window and door trim. The upstairs guest bath windows are quite spiffy aren't they? Once painted, you'll never know what's new thats how amazingly they now match the historic millwork.
True grit
As soon as the trim and framing
are complete, Frank's brother "B"
and his crew will start installing
all of the tile in the kitchen, and
bathrooms. Once they're finished,
the plumbing fixtures, appliances,
and final touches can be installed.
The solid walnut counter is now
installed on the pantry bar (right).
The Butler's Pantry backsplash
and ceiling will be antique mirror.
Upon reflection, it seems like
we're almost there! Au revoir!