Friday, September 20, 2013

Back in the saddle again...

The long hot summer
Since late April, Frank hasn't
been in New York full time.
During his Montanan hiatus,
we saw each other at least
once a month. It was hard
being apart. I crammed my
calendar with anything that
might mask my loneliness.
Leave of absence
At this point I've spent too much, ate even more, drank beyond my limit, and lost many nights of shut eye. Meanwhile Frank's been busy watching our new home progress, tending his garden, and helping his parents. Now it's time to reconnect, get back into the groove, and enjoy domestic bliss!
For the long haul
Yesterday my beloved made the torturous trek from Montana to Manhattan. Now that our local airport has no flights, Frank had to hitch an ride on a bus to Great Falls. Then wait several hours before he boarded a flight to Denver. After another layover he arrived at Laguardia quite late.
The long and short of it
Today I'll be at the office all day. On his own Frank will readjust to city life. As always, the first thing he will do upon re-entry into civilization is get a haircut. For as long as I've known him he's only happy when Elaine clips his coif. After she lowers his ears, he can have a nice lunch and stroll down Fifth Avenue. After all it's autumn in New York!
Howdy Pardner!
After work we'll meet to enjoy an evening on the town. I can't tell you how wonderful it will be to come home every night to my one and only rather than an empty apartment. One of the benefits of city life is diversity. Therefore the next weeks will be spent dining on cuisine you can't find in Montana! Sushi ASAP!
For my next act...
They say absence makes the heart
grow fonder. While I can't imagine
that my love for Frank could grow
any greater, after this long of a time
apart... I find it's true! Being back
together full time will be glorious.
One thing is certain, with the fall
season in full swing we'll be at the
theater. There's nothing Frank loves
more than sitting in a plush orchestra
seat. The only other thing I'm even
more certain of is that I'll be sound
asleep in the seat next to him!