Tuesday, September 3, 2013



A rude awakening
There are subtle ways that your soul tells
you things are right. For me sleeping next
to the love of my life is one of them. I'm
not going to lie to you, summers are tough.
Balancing life between rural Montana and
urban Manhattan is hard enough. But doing
so without your partner and love at your
side is even harder. While I truly try to be
a good sport and indulge my better half's
gardening mania, I must admit that almost
every night apart... I miss him terribly!
Off to Dreamland
Suddenly in a nano second, all the angst
that I didn't even know I had went away.
Once we're together, I'm immediately in a
totally different place of calm, peace, and
fulfillment. Last night I slept like a baby.
A true, deep sleep that was the opposite
of the eight hours I got every night we
were apart. While I'm not sure why I slept
so much better I just know by the way that
I feel this morning. I'm restored, refreshed,
and most important revived.
Wake up!
Actually, I do know why I slept so much
better. You see, love is in fact a many
splendored thing. As we're all learning,
there is no magical formula for love.
At times nature plays a variable card that
shifts the dynamic from the norm. This
phenomena means that ultimately it not
who you love, but how you love. Beyond
physical attraction and companionship, it's
that deep bond of two souls that become
one. Nothing could be more magical!
Living the dream
While this blog doesn't have a hidden gay agenda, it is written by a gay man who is deeply, madly, and totally in love with another gay man. Therefore I must warn you that what we share is not normal. You see, after eighteen years our love has only gotten deeper, stronger, and richer. Sadly not all couples whatever their orientation can claim the same thing. Proof that the only type of partnership that truly works is one based on that deepest of connections - soul mates!