Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out of control?!

Wrong turn
Have you ever felt like your world was out of control? At one point the pressure of life almost pushed me to the edge of the abyss. Somehow I thought that if I controlled everything then all would be fine. That if everyone simply did as they were told, life would be great!
I had to be master of it all!
Flipped out
Finally after years of trying to do it all (and more), I figured it out. In reality, my manic manipulation of everything was slowly pushing me deeper over the edge. The fact was that my drive to control was totally out of control. So, I simply stopped. And suddenly, the sheer bliss of the freedom transported me to a magical, peaceful place.
Magic bullet
You see, the only thing I can control is myself. Looking back I have to wonder why I ever tried to tackle any challenge bigger than that! Whether I've finally become mature, figured it out, or simply have given up doesn't matter. I now embrace my limitations and celebrate the joy of going with the flow!
Bitter pill
My next challenge is controlling what I can control. And sadly at my age that seems to involve my calorie intake. As I've already proved to all of you, I'm untrainable. That said it's time to move forward in the right direction. Even if that means tiny baby steps. Otherwise my Cucinelli custom bills are going to put me in the poor house. God help me!!