Saturday, September 7, 2013

Please don't choke.


What did you say?
You're probably wondering what a
Chokecherry is. A uniquely tangy,
tart, and wild berry, only about
an eighth of it's outer surface is
fruity flesh. The balance consists of
a smooth and very hard pit. While
not great to nibble on, when boiled
or crushed they make the tastiest
juice, syrup, and jelly imaginable!

Totally sweet!
Since 1989, Lewistown has
hosted our local Chokecherry
Festival For one day, over four
thousand from across the state
(and elsewhere) travel to stroll
along our historic Main Street.
This year over 275 booths will
offer gifts, grub, and goodies!
Ready, Set, RUN!
The day launches with the 10K Chokecherry Run. Starting at Big Spring Fish Hatchery, runners trot a beautiful yet challenging route across our local hills and dales. Not to be left behind there is also a 5K run or walk and a 1K "fun" walk. The faster you get there, the more you can eat!
Food for thought
You can't imagine how many
concoctions can be created
from one simple wild berry.
Discover chokecherry wine,
preserves, bake goods, candy,
and other treats. For those not
fruit inclined, grab some of the
locally grown veggie bounty
from our Hutterite colonies!

Picture this...
You'd be surprised what you'll find in a booth. Two years ago Frank discovered Great Falls artist James Bason. We fell in love with his paintings that truly capture the Montana landscape. If you can't hit the festival today, check out his work here!

You could spit!
One of the biggest events of
the day is the Chokecherry pit
spitting contest. Big prizes go
to the victor who can hurl
those slippery orbs the farthest!
Practice makes perfect and plants
a few bushes along the way!
All aboard!
End your day riding on the
Charlie Russell Chew Chew.
Dine on this historic train as
you ride the wide open range.
But beware, there's critters
and badmen up in them thar
hills. You never know what
might happen! As you nibble
on a filet, watch your caboose!