Friday, September 27, 2013

What's new?

Creature feature
I must confess that I'm rather a creature of habit and therefore more than sedentary. Given the choice of not doing something new, I'll gladly opt for the status quo. Don't get me wrong, I like new things. However
I will not assume the responsibility of discovering them. I don't know when or how but somewhere, somehow I became a complacent fat cat who relishes nothing more than the joy of familiarity.
I'll have the same
My comfort zone of continuity
means that once I find a dining
establishment that I like, I may
never dine elsewhere. You see,
at "my place" I always get a table
and then magically a Manhattan.
What could be better!? Nothing
except hugs from the waitresses!
Who me?
As an arbiter of all things tasteful,
I've been expected to know what's
hot. Sadly my basic instinct is to
avoid all things new at all costs.
Throughout life I've relied on the
inspiration of others to help me
escape my established routine.
Fortunately a retinue of experts,
friends, muses, and divas have
pushed me to the unexpected.
This way please
I'm blessed to have a partner who has NO problem dragging me along to some new or unique experience. Well... he does have a problem, ME. In order to get me to move forward he must charm, cajole, and periodically demand that I change my ways.
Say "Uncle"
I guess it's time that I channel my
inner Auntie Mame and open a
couple of new windows (plus a
door or two)! In truth I have to
admit that I always end up loving
whatever is different and unique.
It's rare that Frank's discoveries
aren't amazing and inspiring. If
I'm truly honest, almost all of my
tried and true "favorites" started
out as his newbies. Mr. Mundane
simply needs to sit back, shut up
and let my better half drive!