Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Can't live with or without...

Sob Sisters
Yesterday's blog was an homage my weekend with the girls. Ladies are certainly fun to hang out with. However the true benefit of their friendship is CANDOR. You see, girls tell you tell it like it is and that is the true test of fidelity! Again and again I've had my lady friends tell me things I still can't believe they had the guts to recount. Few men are as brave.
Phone Tag
Somebody once joked that I have too many best friends. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women in my life. "T" and I have been friends forever - literally. Born a day apart, over the years we've often lived far apart. Fortunately those miles quickly evaporated whenever we picked up the phone. "T" can tell me anything and often has. The same applies to my confident "G". Based in Chicago, all it takes is a quick check-in call for her to slap me back into shape! And trust me... when she does I listen!

Work Wives
I've been fortunate to work with powerful women who are now dear friends. "K" and I worked at two companies. Her stare across the board room always set me straight! "L" is my favorite philosopher. We can strategize for hours and yet fix nothing...
Big Red
"D" is the love of my life. Beyond a friend, she is a soul mate who truly knows me better than anybody else. My last time living in New York, we were both often "stag". So, we dined, shopped, and shared our lives together. Those times are among my fondest. "D" now lives far away. And she's the first to remind me that at times, I'm not the best friend. You see, when stress hits I tend to go radio silent. Fortunately, she knows where to find me. And when she does... I LISTEN!
The Greg Whisperer
My mother wasn't my friend. That said, she was my biggest fan. No matter what I did - good or bad - Ethel was there to help. While I often resented her aid, and specifically her advice, in hindsight Mom was rarely wrong. Nobody knew me better. That knowledge enabled her to call me on things nobody else (except Frank) could possibly know about. Since she's gone, I still hear Ethel whispering in my ear... and when she does... I LISTEN!