Monday, May 6, 2013

Was that really necessary?

Return to sender.
The young are often as oblivious as they are naive. Like little lambs they follow the follies of fashion. In hindsight, I now know that in the past, my stylish togs may have sent messages
I had no intention of sending.
Mouths of babes?
In Annie Hall Woody returns
to his childhood class. His peers update us on their adult status. Surprising confessions ensue about a young lady's relationship with "leather". See the scene.

Brand spanking new.
There certainly was a period of fashion where the suggestion of sensuality was blatant. Mr. Ford's reign at Gucci pushed provocative to the maximum. Looking back I can't believe what we wore... or didn't.

Upon reflection...
Years ago my best friend "T" went out
on a date with a handsome gentleman.
As the evening moved towards it's end,
Mr. Wonderful suggested they return
to his apartment where he would enjoy
nothing more than having her spank him.
Surprised by his provocative suggestion,
"T" had no idea why he assumed she
might consider such an activity. Upon arrival home, she looked into the mirror. The reflection was of a powerful lady in a tight black leather dress. Hmm... no wonder he assumed she might be willing to dominate the balance of the evening!

Put some clothes on.
A self absorbed fashion victim,
I had no idea how provocative
I actually appeared. Oblivious,
I daily donned my Guccified skin tight ensembles. Given this
"look" was considered de riguer, I proudly strutted my stuff. Out and about I naively displayed my assets for all to see. More than ten years later, all I can say is OMG, what was I thinking!

The devil is in the details.
While living in Columbus Ohio we attended a meeting of Dignity which is a group for gay Catholics. Suddenly a moustached gentleman rushed up to me. He proceeded to gush that he was thrilled to "welcome a fellow brother". More than confused, I had no idea what he meant. Then Frank pointed to my tight black Italian designer leather pants. Suddenly it became clear that my friend assumed that I was truly "into leather".
Perception is reality.
It's easy to quickly judge a book by it's cover. Looking back, I find it amazing that people put up with my fashion shenanigans. Fortunately they were able to see past the accoutrements and view the real man underneath.