Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend in Manhattan

Love Connection
With Frank away, nothing
is lonelier than being stag
on the weekends. While
I've been known to enjoy
male companionship, this
gentleman definitely prefers
the ladies - as friends that is.
Rather than sit and sulk, I fill
my weekend dance card with
rendez-vous avec les dames.

Family Fest
The weekend started Friday dusk with cocktails at the Soho Grand with my sister-in-law "J" and her daughter "B". After a couple of cocktails I felt all warm and fuzzy. They went
on to the theater. And I went straight home to bed!
Shop Bop
Saturday Morning I dashed off to Brooklyn with "C". Now considered quite chic, our destination was anything but that. We hit Red Hook to grab some essentials at Ikea. Then with "C" as chauffeur, we toured Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. Being Manhattanites of a certain vintage, we cautiously viewed the denizens of this outer borough. Then quickly high tailed back to the comfortable home turf of the West Village for pasta and affogatos at PO.
Dinner at Eight
My female family reunion continued with cocktails here on East 55th. Our entourage then moved a block over to the Monkey Bar for dinner. While still considered a hot lunch spot, I must tell you that the Saturday night crowd was tepid at best. We dined on oysters and other delicacies and I have to admit it was tasty. However, I think one can assume that homes in Long Island and New Jersey were vacant as their residents supped at La Barre de Singe.

Coffee Clutch
Sunday started with an early breakfast chez moi with "Ty" a friend and former jcp
co-worker. My abrupt departure from Dallas left a lot of loose ends. Now that I'm based in New York, its easy to reconnect as people pass through.
Double Dip
After mass I was ready for some "T" and "M" time at Amaranth. My favorite thing about being in New York is that I now frequently see "T", my nearest and dearest friend. "M" joined us for brunch. She is truly one of the most funny and charming ladies I know. Years ago I hoped that "M" and I might become an item. We spent an evening at Silvermine which ended with a kiss. Confirmation that my only option for life long companionship was boys!
Grand Finale
Speaking of boys... My female packed weekend ended alone on my sofa with Mr. Selfridge and Don Draper. I can't think of a better ending to my three days with the ladies. Nor... can I dream of a tastier sandwich.