Friday, May 3, 2013


Frank often accuses me of being too agreeable. This usually involves deciding where to dine. It drives him nuts when I won't make the decision. In a huff he finally selects and we move on.
This dichotomy occurs because
I really don't care either way.
It's not as if I don't have strong
opinions. Rather, at this point
in life I prefer to not argue
unless there's really something
worth fighting for. I'd rather
play my cards when it matters.
Push me into a corner and I will make the decision. Offer two diverse options and I'll select the best. Ask me to choose between two things that are basically the same and I will defer to you.
Life is too short. Why argue about the little things? I suggest that instead we focus on what really matters and whenever appropriate... make the decision that is best for all concerned.
So, the next time you ask me
if I want a filet or t-bone? I'll
let you decide. As long as it's
served rare with a cool center.