Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Brighten up?
It's dark and dreary here in Manhattan. On days like these we all need a little sunshine. Years ago I felt I needed a change.
So, while on vacation I secretly poured a bottle of "Sun In" onto my head. Hours later, my beach companion looked at me and SCREAMED! Rather being transformed into Troy Donahue, my hair was now the color of yellow straw. That day I learned that yellow was NOT my color.
Citron punch!
The other day I decided to don
a bright yellow polo. Given the
trend experts have been layering
canary into seasonal palettes,
I thought it was time to drink the
fashionista lemonade. About
fifteen minutes into bruch, a dear
friend turned to me and said
"Honey, NOT your color." 
While I most certainly appreciated
her candid color evaluation, she
could have waited until after I'd
had at least one shot of Lemoncello!
Pucker Up!
My candid comrade's acerbic
comment may have been correct.
The fact is she confirmed that
only a brave few can carry off
this hot hue and I am not one
of them. While yellow is a happy
tone, it's tough. Whether a pale
buttery pastel or a bright neon
chrome, one must be smart
about where, when, and how
one wears it. Otherwise, your
piquant ensemble could hurt
your reputation and passersby.

Sweet and sour. 
After years in the business, it's apparent that yellow rarely sells. Yet why do our trend Gods dictate a tone that doesn't look good on anyone? If you're one of the few who can wear this hue, go for it! Not only will you stand out, you're certain to find your frock on the sale rack. At this point I've decided that yellow is only good for taxis. Therefore I've sent my piquant polo off into the sunset of my local Good Will bin. Ciao giallo!