Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rain, rain, go away!

There is nothing worse than a rainy day in Manhattan. It's virtually impossible to stay dry as the wind currents caused by our man made terrain blow the raindrops in every direction. And leaping across storm sewer rivers is almost impossible!
Yesterday the weather was awful. A veritable monsoon, it created almost tsunami like conditions in the subways. In a normal storm, waiting on the platform offers a respite from the rain. Today we watched as rats paddled by between the tracks.
Years ago ladies washed their hair in rainwater to keep it soft. Today, a splash from a passing cab or bus is the most frequent byproduct of city downpour. To avoid taking a dirty rain bath, stroll far away from the curb.
After a major storm, the streets of Manhattan are strewn with the carcasses of forlorn umbrellas. These sad victims of wind gusts and shoddy street vendors remind us to check the weather report before we leave home!