Thursday, May 2, 2013


A few weeks ago I attended a rather posh industry event at the Waldorf. All of the retail honchos were there in full regalia to honor our leaders and support a Manhattan homeless women's shelter. After hours of tearful speeches and tedious awards, over a million dollars was raised for this worthy cause. I guess that alone was worth a gilt edged plate of rubber chicken.

To one side of our table sat Martha Stewart and party. On the other, Terry Lundgren and his Macy's entourage. As you may know, they are in the midst of litigation over a broken contract. The evening's highlight was watching Martha's frequent parades directly past her former friend from Herald Square's table. At 71, her festive fandango was quite entertaining to view. However in the end Madame's grandstanding seemed overtly obvious and therefore pathetic at best.
In the end one has to feel sorry for megalomaniacs who think the world truly revolves around them. You see, in a world that's all about you, it's virtually impossible for anybody to give you anything. That one sided existence has to be lonely. I prefer living a life where I get to enjoy and celebrate the thoughts and talents of others. They give me so much, and I hope I give them something in return. Give a little and you'll get a lot!