Monday, May 13, 2013


Hurry, hurry, step right up!
It's been a wild weekend here in Lewistown. Saturday we had lunch with our Design Consigliere Jeana then a walk through the money pit. We finalized towel bar locations and master closet designs. That evening the family dined at The Mint to celebrate a certain person's birthday. Sunday we spent a glorious Mother's Day at the cabin. It was in the low 80's and almost as beautiful as Frank's Mom. We dined on a feast prepared by "the boys" of elk burgers, salad, and pasta. Today we meet with the painters to finalize finishes at the MP.

Ladies and gentlemen...
Thinking of the circus reminds me of birthdays past. My father LOVED going
to the circus. Howard could not get
enough of the Ringling Brothers and Madison Square Garden. So... my
birthday gave him an annual excuse
to drag Ethel and I to the circus. I can't
tell you how much I loved my father.
Nor how much I loathed the circus.
The smells, noise, and mania of three
rings were too much for this young boy.
The greatest show on earth?
Howard was usually a most observant and intuitive parent. Yet somehow his passion for the circus disabled his innate ability to sense what I was truly feeling!  I abhor crowds, animals, the smell of stale popcorn, and most importantly... CLOWNS. For some odd reason I find nothing funny about ugly
people shrouded in white pancake and
gaudy togs. If I'm honest, I must confess
that clowns absolutely terrify me. To this day
they still provide fertile fodder for nightmares!
Seeing stars...
The one thing I liked were the flashlights on a string. The only stars I ever saw were when I hit myself in the face as I circularly swung my flashlight in the dark.
And finally, for your pleasure...
Years later I felt obligated to take my kids to the circus. In Chicago the big deal was the Shine Circus at the historic Medinah Temple downtown. Located in an intimate 1920's semi-circular auditorium it was a totally different experience. Acrobats swung above the audience and the animals seemed close enough to touch! My kids had the time of their life and so did I! I discovered that I actually liked the circus. In hindsight, my best birthday present ever was Dad's smile as he watched it's gaudy pageantry. Thanks Dad!