Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Talk of the town...

"Have you heard?"
My weekend in Lewistown
was filled with surprises.
While our community is fairly
small (population 5,858)
we haven't met everyone.
Even so, it's still somewhat
surprising when total strangers
walk up to congratulate us
on our new home.
"You don't say..."
Don't get me wrong, I'm quite flattered that fellow residents are excited about our renovation. After years of being an eyesore, the Money Pit is slowly being transformed into a community asset. It's quite apparent that the community is more than engaged in our efforts. In fact, a litany of interested parties have stopped by and asked for a tour!
"I had no idea."
Frankly I really don't like the idea of everybody knowing my business. Specifically where and how I am investing my money. However, everybody being in everybody else's business is part of living in a small
town. Therefore I am told that I just need to let it go and enjoy the ride! While at times it may seem like we're being hi-jacked, it's better to be the object of interest rather than the subject of ridicule.
"I'm just saying..."
While it's frustrating that everyone is talking about the money pit, it's exciting that people seem to care. In a place where restoration is not the usual option, I'm thrilled that so many residents are actually interested. Hopefully our investment in their past and our future will make Lewistown a better place.
Lewistown MT - Eighth Avenue looking southwest - 1910s - Courtesy Montana Memory Project - Lewistown Public Library