Thursday, May 30, 2013

Climbing up the walls

Gone but not forgotten.
For a long time wallpaper was out of favor.
It simply didn't feel "right". For years and
years I removed layers of it from my walls.
However suddenly I'm beginning to think
that I like wallpaper again. In fact it seems
to be the perfect option for our new Powder
Room in the Money Pit. So, I've started to
search for the perfect pattern and the options
are quite amazing. While I was only thinking
one room... once the bug bites... who knows?
I may paper the entire house before I'm done!

Mother knows best...
Ethel loved wall paper. That meant that poor Howard never knew what to expect on the walls. Mother constantly re papered as fashion dictated. From ivy covered bricks, to pink flamingos, to blue toile de jouy, to avocado striped floral. Oddly Ethel had an affinity for "Sanitas", a heavy duty fabric wall covering that was washable. While
I never saw Ethel wash down a wall, I'm certain she felt cleaner knowing that option was available should she need it.

Gather ye roses...
In our first home we had an odd configuration leading to the bath, all chopped up by hollow core doors. I papered the entire mess (and doors) in a floral pattern. It brought the disparate disaster together, but I couldn't abide the idea of roses thereafter.
Use your gray matter.
Frankly I've now become totally consumed with "grisaille". This time honored art pre dates black and white photography by at least a century. Initially I wanted to paper the Powder Room in some sort of grisaille mural. Then suddenly... I decided that rather than chocolate brown grass cloth, nothing would be more spectacular than enveloping the dining room in a grisaille mural of Montana. Given no such wallpaper exists, we've asked my best friend "T" to paint one for us. And... she agreed... how fabulous is that?

NOT my Mother's wallpaper.
Wallpaper has been making provocative statements forever and today the options are endless. So, what am I thinking for the Powder Room? MALACHITE. It's very Tony Duquette. Exotic yet elegant and definitely unexpected in Montana!  Please don't tell Frank as I haven't showed him anything yet (oooops... I guess I just did)! We can take a risk as it's only one tiny room. Unless I find something else I adore! Hmm... what about the guest rooms?!