Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Move it along please...

Who'd have thunk?!
One of the newest and in my opinion most detestable phenomena in Lewistown is the proliferation of RVs and Trailers parked along the streets. Given we're a city of older folks,
it makes sense that many now own "recreational" vehicles. While I certainly admire their wanderlust,
I do not appreciate viewing the manifestation of their need to travel in front of my home on a daily basis.

There ought to be a law...
Sadly there is no city ordinance that prohibits this public form of storage. Therefore it's totally legal as long as these metal carcasses are moved 8-10 feet up/down the street per week.

Where is Rose O' Sharon?
It's become so bad that I feel like I live in a trailer park. While some are shiny new, others appear to have just been parked there by the Joad family. In some cases I even wonder if people are living in them... now that's a scary thought isn't it?
Hit the road Jack!
I adore the western heritage of adventure. However there is a difference between a Conestoga wagon and an aluminum box on wheels. To some they may be tickets to freedom. But for those who must remain at home they are simply ugly eye sores.
Happy trails to you...
To be clear, I have no intention of viewing your idle RV as I gaze out of my new MP windows. So, in the spirit of congeniality, move it along!