Thursday, June 17, 2021


Bi-partisan politics
Nobody likes to lose. Everybody assumes
they're right. When it comes to capitulation -
the majority of folks won't compromise.
That's quite easy if a decision is yours alone.
Or in a group setting where one is either in
control or has the winning vote. No wonder
cooperation rarely happens. Especially when
divergent interests are involved. All of who
have but one goal - power. No wonder neither
Congress or the Senate can get anything done.
Against all odds it's easier to opt out rather
than accomplish something. Thus government
tends to be little more than a futile exercise. 
Neither nor
In the past viewing our democratic process in
action was akin to watching paint dry.  For
centuries it seemed nothing ever happened.
Therefore it was easy to look the other way.
To hand over all responsibility to our elected
officials. Slowly but surely such a process of
inertia empowers a sub culture of clandestine
enrichment Allowing those for who we voted
to do whatever suits their needs - NOT ours.
Creating a legislative process than can only
be deemed a viscous cycle. Which is exactly
is happening in Washington D.C. A game of
thrones where nobody wins. Or do some?
Split decision
In reality the wants and needs of constituents
seem to be of no consequence. What matters
are votes. Especially those which are easily
everaged to their advantage. Sadly what's lost
in said process are core values such as dignity,
morality, and results. In that the majority of
our elected officials have no shame when it
comes to winning. Along with absolutely no
desire to lose anything. The end result being
an endless push and pull that maintains the
status quo and little else. When what's needed
is to meet somewhere in the middle. Until we
can get there we're going to get nowhere fast.