Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Resist temptation
Sadly it seems that restraint is one of the least
valued character traits in modern times. Brash
bravado usurps careful consideration. Rather
than step back, wait and see, or weigh options
many just jump in. Said unabashed approach
being deemed "brave" or "fearless" when in
reality foolhardy at best Living in the moment
may be the new mode de jour. However such
a stance requires that one deal with whatever
happens because of just that.  Which explains
why most of America is in a spin. Worrying
about our health, happiness, and future. With
no idea how to protect ourselves from LIFE.
Angel unaware
A constant swirl yields but one result. It drags
us down with it. Sadly we've lost our ability
to plan, dream, and aspire. Instead we exist
in a never ending combative state. Instead
of building towards the  future we hang on
for dear life. Such a vicious cycle is beyond
exhausting. I don't know about you but that
I crave is peace. A moment in time and space
to relax, reflect, and reconsider my options.
Hence for many, the only way to get out is
to opt out. To turn off facebook. To not take
that call. To exit negative relationships. To
clear the decks. To control whatever we can.
Exit strategy
One thing is certain, everyone gets a vote.
Come November third, each of us has to
reach our own conclusion. But will the
foolishness end there? Have we become
so consumed with being self consumed
that we'll devour ourselves in the process?
No politician or party is perfect. Yet if we
have learned anything, ambition unfettered
can hurt our country. We've no control over
the economy but can save for our future.
Coronavirus isn't going away. Thus we
each must develop our own survival plan.
Or foolishly wait for others to save us...