Thursday, June 25, 2020


The good and bad of it
Why is it that just when things are humming
along something happens? Like it or not bad
things happen to good people. Hence at some
point in life most if not all of us are struck by
devastating crisis. When we least expect it.
Such disasters rarely hit those who deserve
it. Instead terror almost always reaps havoc
upon innocent bystanders. After all you can't
plan for a tornado, flood, or other act of God.
Nor can anyone predict the happenstance of
collateral damage. Thus one can be wounded
simply because they're in the vicinity. So how
does anybody ever feel safe in such a world?
Well worth the risk
Fortunately most of us are oblivious to risks
associated with simply living. Otherwise its
impossible to be happily optimistic. And so
we go on. Step by step, inch by inch, day by
day. Totally unaware of whatever may hit us.
The smartest embracing (appreciating) the
here and now. The precious and temporal
joy of the capricious moment at hand. That
delicate balance which at any point could be
overwhelmed by a hapless tsunami. All the
more reason to stop and smell the roses, kiss
your honey, enjoy whatever whenever, and
appreciate all that you're got here and NOW.
Catch me if you can
Our greatest challenge is how we react to
life's highs and lows. When good things
happen most revel in the sheer joy of it.
Yet it's just as easy to wallow in darkness
when bad things occur. Caught by surprise,
it's hard to see any benefit from a negative
situation. However inevitably hope springs
eternal. Insuring that whatever befalls us
the chances are we'll benefit because of it.
A truth that is hard to embrace if perched
on the edge of impending doom. But look
long and hard and you'll find a ray of hope
at the end of said tunnel. It's always there.