Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The game of life
We all fail. Not a single one of us hasn't been
disappointed at some time. Failure is life. The
only good news is that getting older seems to
soften the blow. In part because via trial and
error we've learned our lessons. However even
the best of us attempt to avoid the inevitable.
Assuming that somehow we can dodge life's
bullets. And be spared the pain that others face
on a daily basis. However much like everything
in life karma is inevitable. Hence no matter who
one is there comes a time when they must face
the consequences sans an easy out. There is no
get out of jail free card. NADA. Shit happens.

Fool's dream
During this phase of the Covid 19 pandemic
we've become complacent. Acting as if there
is no risk in returning to "normal." However
sadly, a recent upswing in new cases proves
that the worst may be yet to come. I'm as bad
as the next guy when it comes to adhering to
the rules. Hence my natural inclination is to
give everyone a hug. Given there is nothing
I dislike more than something on my face or
neck, I actively avoid wearing a face mask.
After all, there have been no cases in Fergus
County or those that surround us. And yet...
people travel... and therefore so does the virus.

Dead ahead?
When will we learn our lesson? When will we
accept that Coronavirus makes no exceptions.
Thus the only way to avoid the inevitable is to
follow the rules. And while uncomfortable, it
could save one's life. Like it or not, this battle
is far from over. In Brazil the virus is running
rampant. Killing thousands while leadership
downplays it's very existence. How many more
need to die before we except that the only cure
for this threat is a vaccine. Which even in Mr.
Trump's wildest dreams is months if not a year
away. So, rather than fail this test of our resolve
we all need to face (as in mask) our new reality.