Saturday, June 27, 2020


Out of sync
We're not totally out of it here in Montana.
We even have our own NPR station (well,
multiples across this vast state). Hence I'm
able to keep up on the news every morning
and night. The challenge is that rather than
like most locales, the balance of the day is
music. Part of the time classical which suits
me fine. The rest of the time being of a jazzy
nature. Which honestly is NOT my favorite.
I realize that as a hipster I should love said
cacophony of improvisation. However as a
creature of habit I don't want to be musically
led up and down, here and there, to nowhere.
Not my groove
Jazz simply doesn't make sense to me. I prefer
something with a melody. Some catchy ditty
that charms and remains with me for days and
days. Rather than mix of nothing more than the
indulgence of performer egos. I actually like to
be entertained. I realize that by simply saying
this I'm being considered a barbarian by many.
However I've never been one to climb down to
some smoke filled  cellar simply to subject my
eardrums to torture. Having always lived on
the cultural edge, I've got plenty of other ways
to demonstrate my elan. And save my sanity.
Or better yet, tune into something I really like.
Solo performance
Music is a personal thing. While I happily
listening to Puccini you may want to punch
me. So why is every public space is flooded
with melodies? Rarely do they soothe this
savage beast. Instead they drive me totally
nuts. Causing me to leave rather than stay.
To move on versus having another cocktail.
Or to exit the premises before I've made a
sizable purchase. All of that jazz, or rap, or
elevator music makes me sick. Which is why
so of us many are left with our own devices.
Via ear buds we can all make our own kind
of music. Which for me is anything but jazz!