Monday, June 29, 2020


The more the scarier
Even for a numerically challenged individual
such as me - the math is easy. It all adds up to
why there is a massive increase in Coronavirus
outbreaks across the country. Post connecting
the dots one will end up with one answer...
break out event of the summer season. Also
the occasion that drove crowds to the beach,
diving into pool parties, and attending family
barbecues across this great nation. The end
result being that once much of America had
let down it's guard, we gave the Coronavirus
a competitive edge. And it spread quickly.

Too much of a good thing
While some GOP representatives may argue,
this is not the end result of political protests
alone. It's certain that soon many involved
will fall ill. As will those who have recently
attended Trump gatherings sans their masks.
Rather than proof of political bias, this new
surge in viral outbreaks is concrete evidence
that we can't let our guard down. Nor gather
together. Rather we must continue to keep
our distance, use recommended precautions,
and wash our hands. Anything else exposes
not just ourselves to Covid 19. But endangers
those vulnerable who we all know and love.

Crowd control
So what are you doing this Fourth of July?
My intention is to stay close to home. We're
keeping our cluster under eight. All loved
ones who know where they've been there
done that. Yet one can't help but worry about
the risks involved. Sadly our new normal is
all about a hands off approach. Even if one's
natural inclination is to give each other a hug.
At times that may be awkward. However this
upcoming holiday weekend we can't let our
guard down. Otherwise we'll be all the worst
three or four weeks later. It's happened before.
And without a doubt will again. So be smart!