Saturday, June 20, 2020


Which side are you on?
It's hard to know what to do or what to think.
Suddenly how we can avoid getting sick has
become political. Leaving left and right and
all in-between in a vortex of rumor, innuendo,
and outright falsehoods. The mania of which
only proves that the majority of Americans
are their own worst enemies. To mask or not
to mask, that is the question. A query to which
there are no easy answers. When did protecting
oneself become a political statement? Could it
be that much like attendees of today's Trump
rally in Tulsa - the odds are against us. Are we
damned if we do or don't? Hence nobody wins.
Pretty please?
Honestly, why must we choose from better or
worse? Even more important, why should the
whim of some endanger the health of others?
This is America. Hence it's perfectly acceptable
for one to believe whatever one opts to embrace.
Yet while it's a free country nobody should be
free to jeopardize the peace and happiness of
their fellow citizens. In the old days, one did
many things simply as a courtesy to other folks.
Whether that meant holding the door open for
someone or covering our mouths as we sneeze.
However nowadays how one opts to do either
or has suddenly become a labeling tool.
Right or wronged?
I don't care whether you are left or right. Nor
whom you align with. What does concern me
is when you threaten my health with reckless
actions. Arrogant disregard of common sense.
Exactly what are you trying to prove? That
you're immune to a virus known to kill? Or
stupid enough to think you are. Must history
repeat itself? Back in 1918 an anti-mask group
protested sanitary guidelines intended to fight
Spanish Influenza. Said movement declaring
themselves "Sanitary Spartacans". In the end
said pandemic infected 500 million worldwide.
Killing at least 17 million. Will we never learn?