Monday, January 7, 2019


You don't say...
Some in Washington D.C. obviously
need to consider the adage "Never
say anything you don't want your
Mother to hear." However limiting
one's words to a realm of common
decency doesn't mean we can't tell
it like it is. While there is always a
risk to espousing one's truth there's
nothing better than freely speaking
your peace. And allowing others to
do the same. If for no other reason
that that the truth will set us FREE!
And possibly set the record straight.
Truth or consequences
Post all too many offensive statements
from the oval office I've come to the
conclusion that we each must try to
stop the foolishness. Which might be
simply speaking our minds. If we can
have a constructive dialogue at least
we'll understand from whence the other
comes. Chances are we'll never change
the other's mind, but at least we'll try.
And maybe we might meet somewhere
in or near the middle. Hence could it
be that candor is a ultimate form of
detente or our path to a happier place?
Straight talk
Maybe I'm an optimist but I am over
arguing. I'm done with the nastiness.
Finished with tomfoolery. And most
definitely no longer willing to suffer
fools. According the dictionary - a
fool is "someone who lacks a good
sense of judgement." At least in my
book that means anyone unwilling to
think differently or embrace change.
Sadly just dismissing naysayers from
my sphere of influence isn't enough.
Given perception is reality it's time
for us to get real and tell our truths.
Hair today, gone tomorrow
So with apologies in advance, I can't
and will not sit quietly and allow you
to spew unfettered. Therefore like it
or not I also must share where I stand
on your issues. Which if nothing else
demonstrates a commitment to talk
about what was once taboo. So please
ask me any question knowing that in
doing so you will get an answer. And
as long as we treat each other with
respect, we'll both learn something.
And hopefully make America great
again. Which is what all want right?!