Saturday, January 12, 2019


Nine lives?
One of the most disturbing elements
of the business world is the fact that
most organizations are being led by
a bunch of pussies. For some reason
nobody seems to be willing to take a
risk or even attempt to make the right
decision. Instead we pussy foot around
the issues, doing whatever is necessary
to simply survive. In the end this stints
growth, innovation, and talent. Forcing
the big dogs to go elsewhere to play.
It's hard to explain why leaders are so
afraid of leading. Isn't that their job?
Scaredy cat
The worst type of pussy is
one backed into a corner.
Quickly they pull out their
claws and lash out at almost
anyone or anything in their
way. Watch out because
with just one swipe, you
can get cut up quite badly.
Therefore I suggest that if
you come across a terrified
tabby - stand back and let
them scratch themselves
right out of the picture.

Queen of the jungle
At least in the fashion industry
we're fortunate to have a few
big cats left who aren't afraid
to roar. Instead they stake out
their territory, kill any innocent
prey in their way, and rule the
kingdom. While the devil may
wear Prada, this particular breed
of feline knows that the devil is
in the dictates. More important,
she seems to have no problem
telling you exactly what to do
nor when and where to do it.
Puss in boots
Some cats seem to think all that they
have to do is work the room to get
what they want. After they rub up
against your leg and purr, they're
hard to resist. However in the end
the only surge you've experienced
is that smudge of cat fur that they
left behind on your wool serge pant
leg. You see, it's all about them. If
you accept that fact, all will be OK.
They go where they want and do
whatever they like. All they really
want from you is to be fed and free.
Fat cats
There is nothing worse than
complacency. Well... actually
there is...  entitlement. Often
pampered beyond belief, this
breed of pussy is among the
hardest to house train. They
simply think their shit does
not stink and therefore feel
that they can crap on anyone
who steps into their litter box.
While they appear sedentary,
in reality they are poised to
pounce on all who threaten.
Leader of the pack
Who can herd a pack of ferule
felines? Sadly few seem able
to reign in a bunch of pussies.
However even a most errant
of fat cats are happiest when
under the care of somebody
whose strong enough to show
them the way. What gets my
dander up is leaders who do
anything possible to avoid
conflict. Such passivity leads
to confusion, and angst. So
why not be the TOP CAT?!