Friday, January 18, 2019


Sorry wrong number
Have any of you tried to call me
and failed? One of my hang ups
is talking on the phone. which is
due to the fact that I'm antisocial
at heart. Some of you might be
taken aback by said confession.
Yet the truth is I'm actually a bit
of a loner. Self sufficient, there
is nothing that makes me happier
than to never chat on the phone
again. Sadly nowadays anybody
sans a phone is totally out of it.
No wonder we're all on call.
Private line
Our lives should be easier because of
technology. However it only makes
life more complex. In olden times if
you weren't at home the guy on the
other end called back at a later time.
Thus the responsibility of keeping in
touch was theirs - not yours. We all
drove around in peace and quiet sans
"checkin in" with the boss, spouse,
or kids. One could even take a daily
dump sans answering the call, being
text, or mistakenly turning on Face
Time to reveal things best left unsaid!
Tone deaf
The ability to chat up whomever,
whenever, wherever holds little
allure to me. Recently I "lost" my
phone. And suddenly I was able
to control my intake, output, and
peace of mind. However there's
no reason that can't happen daily.
All of our communication aids
are for our convenience. And in
truth those reaching out to touch
you can wait. Ultimately it's my
decision whether to pick you up.
Or live my life as I see fit...
A job well hung
While my residual schoolboy desire
to please still lurks deep within, I'm
not going to answer the phone just
because it rings. Nor will I listen to
your voice mail upon receipt. Now
that I've had the chance to collect
my thoughts, I've decided that the
majority of daily blathering is for
naught. Thus I plan to maintain full
control of my peace of mind once
my new phone arrives. While the
initial withdrawal was tough, I'm
not answering no matter who calls!