Saturday, January 19, 2019


Well, aren't you special...
Long ago somebody suggested that one "can't
make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." Others
have opined that it is equally impossible to
insert a square peg into a round hole. Both of
which infer that we are who we are. Each with
a unique set of talents, skills, and quite natural
instincts that set up apart from the rest. Yet it
seems that rather than celebrate all that makes
each of us unique, we feel forced to conform
to the norm. Which means that depending on
what crowd one runs with - anybody who is
different is immediately suspect. Thus most
of us try to blend in rather than stand out.
Numbers game
For the past weeks I've been crunching numbers
in preparation for a sit down session with our
accountant. Honestly, nothing could be harder
for me. You see, I am who I am which is NOT
a bean counter. Thus even if I can add two and
two together, I'm not the best person to finish
the equation. Whereas I've many other talents
that come naturally. Therefore that I'm much
better at writing this blog or rearranging your
living room furniture. Which reminds me of
how I passed Calculus. By creating bulletin
boards for my mathematics teacher. Proving
to each their own is the formula for success.
It all adds up
Natural tendencies aside, there comes a time in
everybody's life where we have to face reality.
Thus while I hate... I repeat hate... managing
our business ledger, I'm learning a lot. Which
is why I've spent the last year personally doing
our corporate finances. All in the hope that I
would learn as we went. However it's time to
let those in the know correct the error of my
ways. Hence within a week we'll be sitting
down with our accountant. An encounter that
I hope doesn't cost us  more than my dignity
plus their hourly fees. Go-forward I'll install
QuickBooks on my laptop. I gotta be me...
Equal but different
It's hard to celebrate one's limitations and yet
I should have learned my lesson by now. For
the first half of my life I lived a lie. Trying to
be somebody I wasn't. Then I ultimately came
to the conclusion that self-imposed conversion
therapy was a worthless endeavor. Self denial
only hurts you and those you love. Better to
be honest and embrace the real you. After all
if you can't love yourself then don't hope that
others will do just that! It's been said that sans
pain there is no gain. I've suffered more than
enough so from here on it's time to celebrate
all that makes me... me! NO MORE MATH!