Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Compromising circumstances

Instant access
I don't know about you dear friends but I am
most definitely a fan of instant gratification.
Rather than defer joy I prefer to jump in with
gusto. In my younger days that was easier.
However now that I'm older, wiser, and fatter,
I over indulge with the knowledge that there
will be hell to pay post self-appeasement. Yet
somehow living in the moment is well worth
any residual impact. My question is why do
so many do without rather than simply seize
the moment? Is there any value to prolonged
anticipation versus a quick fix? Or does all of
that waiting simply guarantee disappointment?
Open and shut case
While money limits over indulgence I've found
that budgetary concerns are one of the weakest
excuses for opting out. Most folks try to blame
anybody but themselves for not going over the
edge. Hence excuses for living in compromised
circumstances are either their pets, kids, or both.
Yet nothing hinders your ability to live life fully
except you. Others see the world in a different
way and leverage each and every opportunity.
Rather than do without why not do whatever it
takes to make your world a better place. Why
punish yourself by living in what can only be
considered compromised circumstances?
Rise and shine
Easy doesn't have to be ugly. Nor does pretty
necessarily demand extra effort. Plus in my
experience, cheap can be more than cheerful.
All that's required is the desire to push your
envelope. And in the process pamper yourself
on a daily basis. To be clear - in life all of us
must compromise. However that doesn't mean
we should give up. So what am I trying to say?
Simply that life is too short to just make do.
Whatever one's circumstances, theres plenty
of free sunshine for all. So rather than save
up for a rainy day, let it shine on a daily basis.
Even if that means polishing your silver.
House rules
The only reason you don't have pretty things is a lack of discipline. Assuming that your dog or cat is house broken, they can also be taught to stay off the furniture. Just as any toddler can learn that they can't touch all that is within reach. One of the most important jobs of any parent is saying "no." Limiting a child's options is in their best interest. Which means that training a child in the way they should includes the fact that if one makes a mess - they must pick it up.  Hence there is no excuse for living in a filthy house strewn with toys. All that it proves is that you've totally given up on life.
Pretty please
There's nothing decadent about enhancing one's
standard of living. If home is where one's heart
in then the best way to change your world is to
make it better it on a daily basis. So step back.
Survey your options. And most important clean
up your act. It's time to indulge yourself NOW.
If that means using granny's china then popping
it in the dishwasher - so be it. Or if that requires
re-training your dog to stay off the sofa, just do
it. Whatever it takes to make you feel special,
go for it. Time is short. So rather than wait until
you win the lottery, paint your living room now.
Whatever you do... never give in to mediocrity!