Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Should have.. could have...
We all know that unless there is pain there is
little chance of gain. My problem is that what
hurts most in life is when one loses. Making
a hard decision is never easy. Yet fighting the
inevitable is even more challenging. Hence
most find that ripping off a bandage is more
beneficial than slowly torturing oneself. The
problem is that most of us prefer avoiding
rather than facing reality. However ultimately
the truth will find you out. So why bother with
dragging your heels when all that does is wear
down your soul. Better to buck up, deal with
the facts, move on, and forget about it...
Reality bites
For many reasons most of us have advanced
degrees in failure. Said adult education often
recedes our expectations once countered by
a downward turn in events. While I may pride
myself on being facile even the most acrobatic
of optimists may hit ground zero.The bottom
line being all the worse sans the cushion of a
proper safety net. Hence along with a bruised
ego comes a resolve to avoid further damage.
Forcing even the best of us to embrace life's
limitations, move on, and adapt to whatever
mess we've gotten ourselves into. It is what
it is whether we like it or not. So deal with it.
Apology accepted
Sadly our mistakes impact those around us.
While in theory misery loves company. few
enjoy being dragged down by the errors of
another's ways. Which is all the more reason
to quickly confront and adapt to any crisis
that comes our way. This allows all involved
to chart their own escape plan in reaction.
Sharing bad news is never easy. Yet in the
end, good intentions just defer the inevitable
Thus assuming we are all in this together
requires that one share bad news. Even if it
means admitting your faults to the world at
large. Isn't that what being an adult is about?
Instant gratification
What are we afraid of? Think you can run from
all that ails you? Delusional fantasies aside, a
festered wound will ultimately poison and kill
you. So what are you waiting for? Rather than
hide isn't it time to seek? Somewhere between
trial and error lies redemption. All that's needed
to alter your course of action is a willingness to
see things for what they are. Worry, fear, and
hesitation are nothing but festering deterrents.
Once you wake up and smell life's coffee you
find that embracing reality isn't half as bad as
you thought. Moving on is certain to take you
(and those you love) to a MUCH better place.