Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Lighten up
Even during these darkest days of government
shutdowns, blizzards, and subzero temps there
is always a bright spot. Here in rural Montana
the sun shone yesterday with a brilliance that is
guaranteed to enlighten even the most jaded of
curmudgeons. Which is one of the reasons that
I adore winters in Lewistown. In my opinion
there is nothing worse that a cold, gloomy, and
DAMP day. Thus I'm inclined to deem a winter
day in Manhattan in the low thirties as far worse
than a sunny day below zero out west. With low
humidity, it feels much better here... than there.
You simply have to look on the bright side.
Alternative reality
It seems we all crave what we can't or shouldn't
have. Therefore those up north want to hit the
beach while those south flee to ski the slopes.
As I've said many times, winter just may be my
favorite time of the year. Summers in central
Montana are all about visitors be they family,
friends, or tourists. Hence for at least three to
four months we're more than busy. Next comes
the holidays with another onslaught of those not
so near yet dear returning home. Once January
finally hits comes the opportunity to finally get
something done. And most important to clear
one's head and start the new year anew.
Beauty and the beast
Believe it or not I'm looking forward to the next
four to five months. Even if we dodge a nastier
winter, anybody in the state of Montana knows
that spring doesn't really arrive until just around
Mother's Day. We're almost guaranteed that the
last pounding Mother Nature inflicts will happen
on or near May Day. And don't forget it's been
known to snow here on Memorial Day. All of
that aside, this just might be the most beautiful
time of the year. When it isn't snowing the sky
is bright blue and crystal clear. The air pure and
crisp. Our ground covered with a shimmering
layer of pure white magic. It's quite beautiful.
The calm before the storm
Most important, folks like me will not only be
cocooning but accomplishing amazing things.
While the days are short there's still plenty of
time to catch up on everything you've deferred
until now. And if you get sick of sitting inside
you can bask in the noonday sun as you shovel
your sidewalk. In truth one's options are almost
limitless. Why not finish that book? Or finally
file some paperwork. Better yet, clean out the
attic or organize your closet. Whatever seemed
impossible is suddenly within reach. Given you
have nothing else to do, this time is yours alone.
And all too soon things will heat up - literally!