Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Slow start
There are some mornings when I simply can't
get my act together. Whether that's because
I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed
or some lunar force is screwing me up doesn't
matter. What bugs me is when I find it almost
impossible to make a pot of coffee or worse -
type in my password. Today's start has been
as slow as molasses. Leaving me to feel as if
I'm mired in a pit of muck. Fortunately days
such as today will quickly pass. Thus even
if I move at a snail's pace - I'm confident that
somehow I'll get all that I need to accomplish
done before the sun sets. Or at least I hope so.
Daily grind
How do you start your day? We all have some
sort of daily routine we follow in order to get
things moving. If you're working, some one
else sets your schedule. Thus for years I was
up and out of the house before six a.m. Now
I'm left to my own devices. Which in my case
means that first I get the coffee going. Next
I extinguish our outdoor lights. Then once the
java is brewed I sit down to read "the paper"
on my computer. Shortly thereafter I hit my
in-box. And then about an hour later I'm wide
awake and ready to start accomplishing things.
Well.... that is unless I don't get distracted.
Out to brunch
As the sun rises the worst thing I can do is turn
on the TV. Along with political shenanigans, I
have finally embraced the reality that I cannot
"multi-task." Thus the only way to accomplish
anything is to focus on the day's "to-do" list.
Otherwise if left to my own free will I'll fall
down some capricious rabbit hole. The fact is
I'm easily distracted. Or worse yet, ready and
willing to do anything except the task at hand.
Which explains why most days the sun sets
before I feel like I'm finally in gear. Or have
realized that I'd better get moving on making
dinner. It's a viscous, never ending cycle.
Next please...
But I digress. Back to this morning's dilemma.
I'm not sure why I'm lethargic. What is driving
my inability to perform at an acceptable level?
Am I suffering from a mental block or am I up
against some physical barrier to success? All
I know is that I've spilled the beans (coffee),
deleted e-mails I shouldn't have (thank God
for "trash"), and seem unable to exit from my
funk. A pot of coffee later, my haze is slowly
lifting. The good news being that I've already
checked one thing off my list. Writing my two
thousandth, two hundred and forty third blog.
Now... what should I do next? Take a nap?!